- It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. MoneyBall has been gaining attention as a gaming platform that is entering the market with an attractive, innovative idea for the online gambling market. I've heard that it is now under development?

Yes, that’s right, in the private sale that we held from April 1st, 2018, we were fortunate enough to attract investments from angel investors, and begin work on the development of our unique RNG. At the moment we are gradually progressing towards the initial model testing phase. After that we will transition to the blockchain integration phase.

- The fact that you’ve been able to attract investments from angel investors, who are usually entrepreneurs or management of various businesses, is proof that they must view this as a project with a huge potential for growth. This is something that will give everyday investors more faith in your product!

Even I can tell just how great the MoneyBall idea is, and I want others to know as well, so I’d like to conduct this interview by working our way through the whitepaper.

Sure. It’s easy for us to explain the merits of MoneyBall to people who are already involved with the online gambling market, but if we could use this opportunity to show everyday investors how great it is, that would be nice.

- Great, then without further ado, I’d like to ask you about this part.

1. Introduction
MoneyBall was established as an important social mission of building a gaming platform that guarantees the most fairness and reliability through innovative ideas and a bold vision.

Can you tell us specifically what this “innovative idea” is referring to?

The reason that MoneyBall is so innovative is because of its main features. To break them up into three:

The first feature is that it makes anonymous all online gambling site operators, player transactions, and account information.

The second feature is its RNG (Random Number Generator) program, which is executed by smart contracts, which makes it easy to prove the platform’s reliability and fairness without having to obtain a license.

The last feature is the WLSDK (White Label Software Development Kit) which we have developed into a product that acts as a marketing solution and makes it possible for anyone to easily operate an online gambling site.

- I think that a lot of people will support an open environment where they can gamble online anonymously. I’m sure there will be a bit of criticism surrounding the anonymity, but I feel that blockchain is providing us with a great level of protection for privacy as a right that is afforded to all. Furthermore, the anonymity technology is based on the DASH source code, so I can see how achievable it is.

So, I would like to ask you about why you feel that you can easily prove the reliability and fairness of this product as you state in your second reason.

It concerns this section of the whitepaper:

3-1. Licenses
Currently the number of countries that issue gambling licenses is increasing year on year and some have begun to issue government-approved licenses with comparatively lax standards.
However, in order to prove fairness and reliability, it is essential to obtain a stricter government-approved license.

3-2. The size of the online gambling market
the online gambling market continues to grow rapidly, many operators would like very much to get involved, but the market is becoming less safe and losing trust from players due to the illegal and fraudulent activities that take place within it.

At the moment a license is usually required to earn the trust of the users, but don’t you still find instances of fraud even when those have been obtained?

Traditionally, having a license has been used to prove your trustworthiness. However, there are countries that issue government authorized licenses who have very lax standards, so there is always some doubt as to the reliability of the license itself. As a result, you often find fraud regardless of whether a site has a license or not.

We believe that we have managed to erase this doubt in our case through our use of blockchain technology.
We have been able to build in a protocol that eliminates malicious tampering through our distributed RNG. Plus, in order to solve the issue of overdue winnings, etc. we will provide trustless, immediate payments via smart contract.

By doing this we will be able to maintain fairness for both the operators and players and provide a place where people can enjoy gambling online without worry. That’s what we are talking about in this section below.

5-1. Smart contracts
With MoneyBall, everything takes place via smart contract and is recorded via blockchain. By using blockchain technology, every single process that takes place within MoneyBall can be audited.
Players will be able to check results and awards won in real-time, as well as track their winnings, and be able to easily check whether their winnings are fair.

5-2. RNG(Random Number Generator)
RNG refers to a statistically-sound, high-performance random number generator program which has been tested to ensure in-game fairness through its high level of protection and auditing technology that does not allow artificial manipulation or changing of settings.

- I see. Licenses are issued by countries with differing standards and you have to place your trust in the centrally-managed country itself. Then there’s also a strong view that the criteria for auditing firms are not transparent, which makes you wonder how many loopholes there are in the license acquisition process.

MoneyBall is one product that is making waves with this issue. The specific way in which you tackle this issue is by proving your trustworthiness through your own RNG and smart contracts that run on a distributed blockchain. I suppose it really is quite innovative!

Furthermore, the way that you store capital is also an important factor in gaining trust when you operate an online gambling site. We know that MoneyBall have managed to maintain trust on this point, but can you explain this to us in a little more detail?

5-4. Token management
We have introduced a multisig that manages capital through multiple accounts including those of the operator who sells tickets on the online gambling site, players who buy those tickets, and smart nodes excluding those owned by the operators (multiple and set randomly).

We have built a unique multi-sig wallet in which to store capital.
This makes it impossible for the MoneyBall team, and even the operator of the online gambling site to unilaterally move the money and eliminates the possibility of GOX from related parties.

All money is paid out reliably and automatically to players through smart contracts and based on the result of our own RNG. This has allowed us to create a platform that is completely automated.

- This relates to the construction of trustless environments made possible by blockchains.
I feel like these features have made it possible to solve all the existing issues that remain in the online gambling market, but what role and purpose does the third feature that you spoke of, the WLSDK, have?

1. Introduction
Several projects that incorporate royalty programs under the concept of creating marketers have existed before, but many of these projects have not been successful. We have designed our product with WLSDK (White Label Software Development Kit) as a marketing strategy solution that aims to increase user engagement.

6-1. Whtie Label
MoneyBall utilizes WLSDK (white Label Software Development Kit) so that operators can seamlessly provide users from all over the world with an online gambling site that is both reliable and fair.

Well, it doesn’t matter how great your product is when you launch it, if people don’t see it then it might as well not exist. That’s why companies all over the world are putting so much effort into their marketing strategies.

However, the business framework that you find in marketing is very broad and one in which a product or service is perceived in a multilateral way and then looked at from both a micro and macro-economic perspective. If you want to market something on a global scale, then you need to approach this through a wide range of expressions and methods. It's actually very difficult for young start ups and individuals to overcome these barriers.

We are providing a solution for implementing a suitable marketing strategy through WLSDK, meaning that these platforms will be able to enjoy sustained growth.

- I suppose you’re right when you say it doesn’t matter how great a product is if nobody knows that it even exists, and marketing strategies have a large part to play in making sure that this doesn’t happen.
Next, I would like you to tell us more about the MOB tokens that investors in particular have taken such a keen interest in.

6-2. Profit allocation
7% of profits shall be allocated by smart contract based on the amount of tokens held by the token holder.

6-3. Master node
5% of the transaction fee is burned as needed.
This helps the token value continue to rise.

Just by holding MOB tokens you are allocated rewards. We can also say that having 5% of the transaction fee burned as needed increases the scarcity of MOB, and as a result this has a favorable effect on the value of MOB tokens?

Yes. One of the features of MoneyBall is that it is designed to provide all users with reasonable incentives. The fair distribution of MoneyBall profits will stimulate the platform and I believe that this will generate liquidity for MOB tokens.

- So let’s summarize MoneyBall’s features.
MoneyBall is a gaming platform that completely eliminates cheating, can prove its reliability and fairness without the need for licenses, and allows you to operate an online gambling site where everyone retains their anonymity.
In addition, MOB token holders are automatically distributed MoneyBall profits, and the value of MOB tokens is also increased by burning 5% of the transaction fee.

Yes, that’s right.
Anybody, from anywhere in the world, can freely and anonymously operate an online gambling site. Each operator can design and manage the exact gaming plan that they want. Of course, the players also retain their anonymity and just by holding MOB tokens they are rewarded with profits. In addition, by regularly burning MOB tokens we can sustainably increase its scarcity value.

- I think this answer shows the reason why angel investors have such high hopes for your product!
So, next I would like to ask about the “MoneyBall MILLIONS” game that everyone is so interested in.
What kind of event is the “MoneyBall MILLIONS MINI” event that you’re about to hold?

OK, so this is will just be a rundown of the event details that we have already announced but let me explain the gist of MoneyBall MILLIONS.

We believe that we can change the world into one which is full of dreams and smiles through excitement generated by entertainment. Each member of our project team understands that this is our mission.

So, to do this we decided to hold MoneyBall MILLIONS as a way to provide the users who have supported this project with our own flavor of entertainment.

The first round of this will be "MoneyBall MILLIONS MINI" which is a lottery-style game which even beginner gamblers can enjoy. In all of our project meetings up until now it has always been this game selection that has caused the most commotion. (lol)

- I can imagine you all having fun arguing about that decision. (lol) A lottery game is something that beginners can easily participate in. And that nervous feeling you get when you’re waiting for the results to be announced is just something that cannot be put into words. Sometimes I get lured again by those feelings and end up buying more tickets.

However, the first prize in “MoneyBall MILLIONS MINI” is 10,000 MOB tokens. If you do a draw every week then won’t the total number of tokens that you have to issue increase? Won’t this end up lowering the value of MOB tokens in the long run?

No. In order to limit the number of MOB tokens issued, 5% of the transaction fee is burned as needed. As this is done continuously, once MILLIONS MINI ends, the scarcity value of the MOB tokens will have increased.

- I see, so that’s one of the reasons why you do this burning! I’m surprised by how well you’ve thought this product through.
These MOB tokens are sold at a value of 1 MOB = 1 USD. If you hold a drawing with a first prize worth 10,000 USD every week then, I bet this really hypes things up.

Yes, and I think that it’s important that they feel that way too.
I think that initially we would like to issue more MOB tokens. This is because as user engagement improves, there will be an effect on the liquidity of MoneyBall.

Furthermore, as users with large amount of tokens are created (refer to WP 6. Achievements) this will help us to welcome in new core members. Eventually these core members will help MoneyBall to evolve across the world without the need for us, which is one of our ideals.

6. Achievements

Once the Achievement level is reached, users can operate online gambling sites anonymously as White Labels on MoneyBall or gain profits by contributing to transaction processing as a master node.

Attaining Achievement level means users are incentivized to prevent the devaluation of MoneyBall and any tokens they may hold.

- I can really get behind this way of doing things. This is pretty much the same decentralized model as the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, isn’t it?

Yes, it is.
In much the same way, we hope that MoneyBall can become something that can grow by itself through a user-led community. To do this it is important to create more “Achievements,” which is why we’re holding the MILLIONS draws.

- So, I understand “MILLIONS” MINI, but can you tell us a little more about “MILLIONS”?

The prize money for Millions is paid out based on MOB tokens. How are these MOB tokens generated? If they are newly issued like the ones in MILLIONS MINI, won’t this lead to a loss in value in MOB tokens?

It’s all set out in the whitepaper. Please refer to this section.

8-3. Capital distribution
Prize money from MoneyBall MILLIONS will be paid in MOB tokens, so once the MOB tokens are listed on the exchange (expected to be January 2019) they will be bought back from the market while consideration is given to market impact.

This is a framework we thought of so that we don’t have a negative impact on market value.
While we have the users enjoy playing a lottery-style game, we are hoping to create more “Achievements” by having them hold more MOB tokens.

However, if we just keep on issuing MOB tokens, this presents us with a dilemma where it will start to affect the value of the tokens. So after much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that procurement from the market based on capital raised during the token sale would be the best way to maintain fairness.

- Some people still have doubts though. ICOs are typically held to raise the capital required to execute a project, and not for those reasons.
While there are lots of projects that have been made possible through ICOs using that scheme I think it will be difficult to gain trust from the users. How do you feel about this?

It’s just as you say. The entire purpose of ICOs will change.

It’s for this reason that we have a clear line in mind. This line will be drawn when we reach the 8 million USD required to fund this project, after which all additional capital will be allocated as prize money for MoneyBall Millions.

By doing this we will be able to return all of the additional capital that we receive back to the users as MILLIONS prizes. The users can then enjoy a lottery draw with the capital they used in the token sale. This will also help prevent a loss in market value after the tokens are listed on the exchange.

- I hope you can forgive me for nitpicking, I didn’t realize just how thoroughly this project had been planned out. MOB tokens actually generate a good spiral that provides benefits to everyone involved with the MoneyBall project, don’t they?

If you procure MOB tokens from the market then you can maintain this 1 MOB = 1USD value line that MoneyBall cites. This means that the token holders need only expect increases in the value of their tokens and can participate in the token sale without worry.

Plus, if you win the first prize in Millions Mini you can currently win 10,000 USD, but we can also expect the value of this prize to rise too.

Looks like you have realized a concept of “bringing benefits to all users associated with MoneyBall” (refer to WP 11. Final remarks.)

I'm sorry that I've been so surprised by the incredible level of planning that I haven't been able to get around to the very important topic of getting listed on the exchange. can you tell us anything about that?

MOB tokens will be listed on an exchange from January 2019. We are currently making preparations for this with the relevant parties.

Furthermore, the MOB tokens procured from the market will be executed through the exchange in the same way as everyone else and by following formal procedures. However, this is purely a measure to pay out Millions prize money. We will take all necessary measures to not cause any disruption to the market.

Until then we will be providing token holders who hold more than 100 MOB with MILLIONS MINI tickets free of charge. So please look forward to the "MoneyBall MILLIONS MINI" draw.

- MoneyBall is certainly full of surprises. Seeing the incredible amount of planning behind such an entertaining project has been quite eye opening for me, my expectations of the project have turned into true belief in it. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time with us today.

Thank you for the interview.